1% commission Flat Fee realtor Fair Oaks

1% commission Flat Fee realtor Fair Oaks

flat fee realtor fair oaks

Paying commission to a real estate agent mainly increases your cost of buying or selling your own property. Appointing a full-time real estate agent would cost more and not having them would mean a delayed sale of your property or else you would not get the expected price for your houses. In recent times there has been a change in this scenario of booking a real estate agent with a high commission. Most people choose 1% commission flat fee realtor Fair Oaks.

There is a reason behind it, the cause of it is that these flat fees realtors serve you the same service as listing your property in the MLS such that more buyers can reach out to you regarding buying your property. In this blog, we will be discussing the 1% commission flat fee realtors Fair Oaks.

Ways to get 1% listing fees

In order to get a 1% listing fee, you need to keep the following points in mind.

  1.  Try negotiating:  Yes, you should be able to negotiate the listing fees all by yourself. Negotiating with an agent is possible but doing the same with a realtor is not possible. 60% decrease in the revenue of an agent from the sale is a big price drop and thus you need to give it a try and negotiate the listing fees by yourself.  There are few factors that may help you get down the listing fees such as
  • The home which you are selling is high priced
  • There is a huge number of buyers ready to buy your home in your area.
  •  Competition between agents and new sellers is high.
  • Let your agent represent both you and the buyer. This process is also known as dual agency.
  • Listing fees can also be brought down when you agree to buy and sell the house through the same agent.
  1. A limited service agent should be hired–  There are agents who are ready to serve limited services. Agents serve you a la carte such that you can choose the services you require from them. These agents provide you with limited service as per your choice. You can choose this option when you are an experienced seller and have proper knowledge of the duties and responsibilities that you need to take for the rest of the work that you need to do yourself such that you can lower the fees of your agent. If you can carry out the remaining work with ease then you could cut the cost by more than 1%. 
  2. Hiring a low commission real estate company– There are 2 types of real estate companies that can provide you with 1% listing fees. They are as follows,
  • Discount real estate brokerage companies are there to provide you the service that you opt for at 1% fees whereas the rest work for flat fees. Appointing them may lead you to choose only a specific service. You being a seller you can list your property but you won’t get customer service. This can be a saving for you because you can cut off the extra services charges that you can do by yourself.
  • You can get connected by Agent– matching services to real estate agents who can help you buy or sell houses without any fees. Yes, these agents pay a small amount to real estate companies such that they send interested buyers and sellers. The service they provide is not only free but also they also negotiate such that you get the best value of your property.  

Ways by which you can choose the best 1% commission flat fees realtor Fair Oaks are,

  • Look for the services different companies are providing within the limited listing fees. There are companies that provide services like full-service agents and still manage to work at 1% listing fees.
  • Take at least 3 companies and match the services they provide and the cost they charge for their services. Doing this you will have proper knowledge of the service they provide and the company you would like to appoint for yourself.

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