Affordable or Cheap Realtor: Things to Avoid

Affordable or Cheap Realtor: Things to Avoid

Cheap Realtor

The charging money is not the deciding factor of a good realtor. Sometimes an expensive realtor may not give you the same results as you have expected. Again, sometimes cheap realtor do wonders for you. So never you should judge a realtor by his/her charge. There are many other factors that decide whether your realtor is good or bad. Like- discipline, profound knowledge in marketing, fluency in communication, etc. in the same way there are also signs that determine whether or not your realtor is worth paying or not.

The factors are avoiding by cheap realtor:

  • Be impatient

It is understandable that when hiring a cheap realtor or an expensive one you will expect immediate results and be super excited about it. But an ideal realtor does not believe in immediate results. He/she will first soak the environment, observe your location and keep an eye out for the recent market value. He/she will not rush into anything. Being impatient is a sign of a bad realtor. So if your realtor is promising you to provide immediate results then you should change your realtor without having a second thought. Hence, it is always better to go for experienced realtors because they already have the knowledge so the process becomes faster.

  • No MLS listings

It is very hard to work with a realtor who is just not ready to insert your house in MLS listings. Even a cheap realtor puts your house on their priority list. A lockbox can be placed in a residence by most state agents. Some agencies in these regions will list you with the listing agent for an appointment. Because the agent of the buyer must call and set the date rather than merely displaying the listing, the number of shows received by the seller will be reduced considerably. It is a red flag for you and if this ever happens to you change your realtor immediately.

  • Weekends off

Realtors who don’t work on weekends are also a red flag for you. The job of a realtor is to work for 7days a week. If your realtor is taking frequent breaks or not working on weekends then it simply means that he/she is lazy. If your agent does not pick up the phone on Saturdays and Sundays, you may expect a reduction in the number of viewings you will receive. Buyers may come in from out of the city for the weekend with the intention of placing an offer while they are in town. They generally limit themselves to two or three properties. While your agent is unlikely to receive phone calls regarding your home over the weekend, the listing agent for the other property will most likely answer the buyer’s queries about their client’s property. When it comes time to make an offer, the buyer will make an offer on the house they are more familiar with and feel more at ease with.

  • Works occasionally

At some point in time, you may get the thought to replace your cheap realtor with a free one like someone who is your or your brother’s friend. It sounds like an amazing idea but truthfully it is the most common mistake people make while buying or especially selling a house. These agents do not have the market knowledge of a full-time agent. Furthermore, they are unfamiliar with what is normal in a real estate deal in your area, which a seasoned buyer’s agent may exploit to their client’s benefit at your expense. For example, if you are planning to build your house then you would obviously choose a builder who has expertise and experience in this work for many years and does it professionally and not like a part-time job. Similarly, find someone who has expertise in marketing and experience in this field. Ideally, a realtor who sells 100 houses a year is perfect for you.

These above-mentioned points are some of the many factors that make a realtor bad. So as mentioned earlier, a cheap realtor or expensive realtor is not the factor to judge a realtor, the factors are these red flags. The best realtor Sacramento should always be on time. So, if you need any sort of help you can always hire a flat fee realtor.