Why should you sell your house with the help of a flat fee realtor?

Why should you sell your house with the help of a flat fee realtor?

When it comes to selling real estate, sellers always look for an affordable option to execute the goal. Besides, dealing with genuine and trustworthy buyers is the second most important aspect that hovers inside the mind of the house-owner. One fine and simple solution to all these affairs are to acquire the services of a flat fee realtor. Now, the first question that might pop up in your head is whether it would be beneficial. If you are having similar thoughts, this guide will lead you well.

Much more affordable

While mentioning the perks of attaining the assistance of a realtor, affordability is the foremost important thing to consider. Compared to a full-rate traditional realtor, a flat fee is way less expensive. Based on your needs, a flat fee realtor will charge only 1% of the total sales price, at the close of escrow for a full premium listing or you will pay a minimal introductory charge to get your property registered in the MLS listing, with for sale by owner packages. The commission differs from one organization to another. While traditional realtors remain between 3 to 6 percent, a flat fee realtor charges a fraction of that price.

Efficient marketing techniques

When you opt for a flat fee realtor to help sell your property, you possess control over the selling process. The realtors will undoubtedly help you to put your property in the MLS listing if you choose for sale by the owner, but you will be the person handling the house-selling process. When hiring a flat fee realtor, to provide a full premium listing, the focus will be on the agenda of selling your real estate and you can potentially accomplish your objective quickly. The dynamic marketing plans of a flat fee realtor can get many offers in your hand, well above the asking price.

Less commitment

If you are considering for sale by the owner, one more great thing about the flat fee service is that it does not tie you with a lot of terms and conditions. For instance, in the case of a full-service realtor, you are bound in a contract from which you cannot free yourself until your house is sold. On the other hand, flat fee brokers never hold you back. Once you pay the fee, you can freely make your house-selling-related decisions. With a flat fee, you can also proceed with a pay-per-day route where you only need to pay for the existing month. However, while searching for a flat fee realtor near me, you must be very conscious of the broker’s reliability.

Implementation of the latest technology

MLS listing is extremely important for selling a house. And only brokers and agents possess access to it. The realtors make use of advanced technology to drag the information of the current market data. It, in turn, helps you to determine the value of your home.

Control over the sale

As mentioned earlier, a flat fee realtor gives you control over the sale. Yes, you read right! You get to manage the pricing of your house, scheduling of the showings, inspections, and even its negotiation. So, you can see, that a flat fee gives value to your opinion, unlike the full-service real estate agents.

Hopefully, now it has become easier for you to decide whether to hire a flat fee realtor at your service.