5 Advantages of Professional Real Estate Photos for MLS Listings

5 Advantages of Professional Real Estate Photos for MLS Listings

When you put up your house for sale, the property itself is important, but you want to showcase your home in a way that will cater to as many potential buyers as possible. One way to do this is with photos displayed on MLS listings. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and many realtors use the service to get homes to appear on real estate websites and databases.

Real estate agent services give you the option to add professional photos. Professional photos will show off the best features of your home. While smart phones have high quality features and you can easily take photos yourself, there are many advantages to professional real estate photos. Learn about the advantages and ways to help sell your home faster.

1. Trending Details

Real estate trends come and go. A real estate agent typically knows the newest trends and what home buyers need to look for. When a real estate agent focuses on specific details, your home can stand out and draw more attention.

For example, a real estate agent may know that walk-in closets are a big trend among home buyers. With the knowledge, they may take more photos of walk-in closets you have, including little details like shelves, drawers, and lighting. Other trends could include kitchen features like islands, backyard decks, or finished basements.

A real estate agent may feature the pictures early on in the listing to ensure they grab the most attention through the MLS service.

2. Room Coverage

A real estate agent knows the best way to angle pictures and capture the best visual of a room. When you display photos of rooms, you do not want areas to get cut off or look misleading. The room coverage will ensure essential parts of a room get captured in a photo.

For example, a real estate agent can capture good angles of smaller bathrooms that showcase features like a toilet, sink, and shower. Instead of wasting extra photos on different parts of the room, an agent can supply proper angles and as much of the room as possible. 

The experience real estate agents have with photography will reduce the time it takes to capture photos and reduce the need to re-take photos or come to the property multiple times.

3. Lighting & Equipment

Lighting is a key factor when it comes to real estate photography. You want to showcase light in rooms without harsh shadows or dark areas that do not fully showcase a house. A real estate worker knows how to properly light rooms. They know what lamps to turn on for extra luminance and may have extra equipment to help capture clear photos.

For example, a direct flash on rooms inside the home can create harsh shadows and over-exposed pictures. An external flash can bounce light off ceilings and fully illuminate a room with even lighting. Properly lighting offers an ideal way to showcase the room sizes of your home and does not leave any extra questions for potential buyers.

4. Exterior Pictures

While the exterior picture of a home may seem simple, real estate agents understand many factors that go into an ideal exterior shot of your home. In many circumstances, the exterior picture of a home is the first one potential buyers will see. The MLS listings often default to an exterior photo to showcase a property.

Real estate agents know how to set up an angle of a home that captures the whole home, some landscaping, and other key features. The angle will showcase the size of the home and may include other features like the driveway or attached garage. The main goal is to capture the curb appeal of the home. 

Along with the home itself, the background matters. A home is going to look a different on a cloudy day than a sunny day. Ideally, a blue sky with a few clouds in the background will help the house stand out and add some depth to the photos.

5. Virtual Tour Options

Along with traditional photos, real estate agents may offer virtual tour services. A real estate agent will capture virtual tour pictures at the same time as your traditional photos. The virtual tour includes a series of connected photos that allows a potential buyer to do a walk-through of the home. 

The virtual tour allows potential buyers to spend more time on your listing and get a good overview of the home. The process can shorten the time for a sale and reduce the number of open houses you need to host. A majority of the MLS websites can showcase the virtual tour technology and real estate agents may include the tours as part of their fee.

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