Sell Your House with Flat Fees Agent for Flat 1% Closing Fee

Sell Your House with Flat Fees Agent for Flat 1% Closing Fee

Compared to a full-commission realtor, working with a flat fees house selling agent is always beneficial, in terms of support, guidance, and of-course expense! Many of you might have a blurred idea about a 1% flat fee, right? To make the concept easier and more comprehendible, we are going to have a thorough discussion on flat fees agents and 1% commission.  Keep reading till the end!

What Is Flat Fees Agent?

Flat fees agents are experts, offering the same level of support and assistance as the traditional brokers in selling your property, at a discounted or flat-fee rate. A flat fee house selling agent lets you save on the commission, having a smooth and efficient sales process with zero catch. Moreover, when you work with a flat fee realtor, your opinion matters! There is no obligation, no bound, and no restriction. At any point, if you want to discontinue the sale of the property, you can simply cancel at any time.

How Can You Put More Money In Your Pocket With Flat Fees Agent?

Since you do not have to spend a hefty amount on commission, you are more likely to save thousands at the time of closing the deal. The money you need to pay to your realtor as a commission is fixed in flat fee realty. Most companies keep a 1.5% flat fee charge. But with us, things are different. We charge only a 1% flat fee commission at the close of escrow. So, when you crack a money-spinning deal on your house, it becomes a win-win situation for you.  

Sell Your House Hassle-Freely 

If you think that a flat fee house selling agent could be less responsive since they charge a low commission, you are mistaken. To tell the truth, if there is any difference between the traditional real estate brokers and the flat fee agents, then it is the reduced commission charge. The rest is the same! In fact, flat fees agents are honest, trustworthy, and handle the entire sales process with professionalism. So, you can sit back and relax while the professionals market your property and deal with the potential buyers on your behalf.  

Why Flat Fees Agent is Better Than Other Realtors in California

When we say Flat Fees Agent is the best option to sell your house in California, we mean it. If you happen to choose a traditional broker, you will end up paying as large as 5 to 6% commission at the close of escrow. But, if you have read this article this far, you probably know, we at Flat Fees Agent, ask for only a 1% flat fee commission. And in return, we 

  • List your house on the MLS within 24 hours
  • Market your property with eye-appealing photos from different angles
  • Assess the current market value of your property free of cost 
  • Help negotiate with the buyers and prepare the paperwork  

Integrity, Knowledge, and Results

When you appoint our flat fees house selling agent, it becomes our primary duty to sustain the pace of your sales process. We believe in professionalism and sincerity while serving our clients, which reflects in our work. Our team ensures to keep everything clear and lucid before you, be it our policies, services, or limitations. We also make sure that you get the best price entitled for your property, without being harsh on your pocket. 

We are licensed house selling agents. If you want convenience and zero hassle throughout the selling process, feel free to contact us. Our team is available 24/7 for you and responds to each and every inquiry promptly.  

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